Complex machinery solutions

Engineering Solutions

Production line storage and material-handling equipment

Component Storage Racks 
Freestanding Conveyor Trolleys 
Railed Conveyor Trolleys

Full Implementation of lifting Device

Design, Comprehensive Documentation 
Production: Steel Structure and electrical control 
commissioning, CE certification 
Commissioning: lifting machine test, test run 
Documentation handover -> Lifting machine log opening

Welfind Jigs

for projection welding machines
for portable spot welders
for arc welding of steel structures
for robotic welding cells

Assembly Devices

Assembly JIGs 
Product carriers for assembly line
Manufacturing Cells

Control Devices

Handheld control gauges 
Control gauges integrated into the production line 
Semi-automatic or automatic inspection equipment (size, shape, colour, surface defects)

Purpose-built machinery

Sheet metal feeder for stamping

Press for sheet metal part-levelling

Servo press for components for reworking