Complex machinery solutions


Welding Cell Capacity Expansion

TARGET -> arc welding of automotive (BIW) part, increasing number of units from 700pcs / shift to 1300pcs / shift


  • Turntable modification
  • Manufacture and installation of additional 2pcs welding JIGs
  • Installing of additional 1pc welding robot
  • Modification of PLC field topology for higher wiring durability
  • pneumatic valve block replacement, weld-spatter resistant tubing
  • PLC Programming, HMI Programming / Siemens S7 /
  • Robot Programming / ABB /
  • welding JIG fine tuning
  • run-test execution -> successful process capability test

Production line cycle-time reduction

TARGET -> incorporating a special lifting table in order to reduce downtime resulting from the use of hall crane


  • Design of lifting table, with 0 ... 1000mm motion range, floor-recessed design
  • Table top deviation from horizontal 0.05 ̊ <, at any vertical position
  • Table top size: 1400x1000mm
  • Capacity: 1200kg
  • Optoelectronic entry protection, Sick Security System
  • Tool storage drawer with electronic locking
  • Radio remote control for two tables
  • Full documentation handover, commissioning, CE certification-> lifting machine log

Machine repair, Debugging, Robot programming

We provide on-site services in order to solve problems in the machine industry with the aid of our skilled workers. We thus relieve our customers of the tasks outside their scope of activity, and any difficulties that might arise due to capacity shortages.

  • Robot programming
  • PLC programming, inverter programming
  • Industrial infrastructure construction
  • Machine repair, debugging
  • Installation, de-installation, and relocation of production lines and machinery

Manufacture of metallurgic parts

We contract manufacture parts for the machine industry in low and medium series, with high-quality standards, with the support of high-skilled professionals.

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